STICE CONSTRUCTION INC started in May 1998. We began in new-single-family and multi-family-home construction. After the housing meltdown in 2007, the team began branching out into all elements of construction. We quickly discovered our niche: basement remodeling. While we are busy with decks, pergolas, attic conversions, bath and kitchen remodels, basements are the bread and butter of the company. At the same time, if there is one thing we love it is when we get a call from a prospective client wanting to remove walls and ceilings, re-engineer walls, floors, trusses or create vaulted ceilings. We love to create new and exciting living spaces. We live for it. Perhaps one of the most unique things about Stice Construction is our willingness to work with the home owner to whatever extent they desire.

Some home owners simply want the project done and Stice Construction is fully responsible from start to finish. On other projects, we work for the homeowners who are acting as their own general contractor. We come in and perform just the: framing, drywalling, hvac, tiling, interior trim, as much or as little as the home owner needs. We are comfortable in the whole range of work.

Whatever your needs are, Stice Construction Inc can get your project off to the right start: whether we provide the floor plan that will be needed to pull your permit, start with the framing or drywall. Give a call or shoot us an email and we can get started.

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